Honesty and Integrity in the Global Market

Purchase All Your Oilfield Equipment

Sparks Equipment Sales is a Master Distributor of Arrow Engine, and other manufacturers. We carry a wide variety of oilfield equipment, parts and accessories, including natural gas engines, electric motors, compressors, and salt water injection pumps. We are proud to be a one-stop shop for all your industrial natural gas equipment needs.

* Please note we do not sell or service diesel equipment.

Fairest Prices in the Industry

Sparks Equipment Sales is sister company to Sparks Engine Service, which was founded in 1992 by Wes Sparks. Our staff is highly experienced in the oil industry, and we pride ourselves on a reputation of honesty and fairness. Sparks has established distributorships for several engine and equipment brands. Please see our Equipment Sales page for a full list.

Sparks Equipment Sales carries a wide variety of equipment and accessories, including:

Arrow Engine Master Distributor

Sparks Equipment Sales is one of few distributors for Arrow Engine in the world. Arrow Engine granted Wes his master distributorship in 2014. Sparks Engine Service, our sister company, has performed warranty servicing for Arrow Engine for many years; Sparks has been included in official Arrow Engine brochures.

Sparks Equipment Sales is proud to sell and service Arrow Engine products.

For more information, or to purchase an Arrow Engine product, please fill out the contact form.

When It Comes to Business, It's Personal

  • Industry Experience, Honesty & Fair Prices
  • We have over 100 years of combined experienced across Sparks’ staff. Wes Sparks, owner and founder, founded Sparks Equipment Service in 1992. Sparks Equipment Sales is proud to have former Arrow Engine employees on our staff.

    If Sparks quotes a price, that will be the price. In the oil industry, a business that breaks their word gets weeded out very quickly. Sparks Engine Service and Sparks Equipment Sales has been shaking hands, looking our customers in the eye, and keeping our word since 1992.

    Sparks Equipment Sales strives to provide our customers with the fairest prices on equipment in the industry. We work closely with our engine distributors on pricing, and we search high and low for parts and accessories to help you keep your operation running and your overhead low.


“I would like to give a big Thank You to Sparks Equipment Sales for providing excellent service and sales with the parts and engines that we purchase from them. Shonda goes above and beyond to see to it that I get the supplies that I need in order to complete my projects in a timely manner. That in turn makes my customers happy. We have done business together for several years and look forward to many more.”
Dennis Asher
Owner - Asher Engine Services
“Sparks Equipment Sales has a dedicated and knowledgeable staff. They respond to orders immediately and address lead time and shipping effectively. We have built a long term professional relationship with them over the years and highly recommend anyone in the Arrow Engine parts and accessory business to do the same. They are a credit to our business and success and will continue to be so in the future.”
Mike Salazar
President - Double M Energy
“When I decided to start my company I was led to Sparks. I was not disappointed. I have never met anyone that has more knowledge of any kind of engine than Wes. Over the years we have become good friends. I can count on them.”
Roy Davis
Owner - RND

“Wes and Shonda Sparks of Sparks Engine Service & Sparks Equipment Sales have the uniqueness of being not only great customers but also wonderful vendors!!!

I grew up with Wes and he’s always been a handshake kind of guy. Honest as hell and the kind of guy that you want to do business with. It must have rubbed off on Shonda because she’s THAT kind of woman! Knighten Industries has been selling pump parts and replacement pumps to Sparks Engine Service since early 2011 and I can honestly say I never remember a late bill. It’s been a great relationship on both sides of the fence because both Wes and Shonda make it painfully easy to solve any issues that come up. They are very knowledgeable in business and they are very competitively priced as an Arrow Engine Dealer. Bottom line, if you want to deal with a great company that wants to help solve your problems, don’t hesitate to call Wes and Shonda Sparks! ”

Mike Griffith
Vice President of Operations - Knighten Industries